Pub Photo Competition

the swan frontage

We have fairly recently had a new frontage on our lovely Pub here in Moulton.  We would like a fabulous new photo of this frontage on the homepage of the website to replace the one above.

Yes, we could take a nice photo, but it would be much more special if a member of our amazing public, community did one, and we made special mention on the website and on Facebook and Twitter.

The Swan, frontage Photo Competition

So … get your cameras, iPhones, Androids, iPads and ‘normal’ cameras out and get snapping.  A nice sunset photo, or first thing in the morning.  Stunning angles.  We might use more than one.

We will add the name of the photographer to one corner of an image to give you special mention, announce the winner on the website and social media, possibly post many of the submissions on the website in a special gallery.

There is no actual ‘prize’, but seeing *your* photo on the homepage is pretty special.

Here’s how to submit your photo, or photos to the competition:

Send all photo submissions of the front of the Swan in Moulton to:  Add ‘Photo Competition’ to the Subject of the email.  If you also wish to have the type of camera or any special kit used, do let us know.

We are really looking forward to this, considering the weather is good at the moment, so hoping to see some amazing shots from you keen local amateur photographers.

DEADLINE:  There isn’t really a deadline, but would like to see submissions within the next week or so please.  Any questions, email photos@theswanmoulton for details, or contact our website administrator, Simon, directly on who will be in touch.


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